Covid-19 and 2021 Weddings

For everyone that postponed their 2020 wedding (myself included) in hopes not having covid affect their wedding in 2021, we now know Covid-19 is here to stay (at least for the first 3 quarters of 2021). Experts are advising that the vaccine will probably not be ready until the middle of the year next year rollout priority given to the high-risk populations. So how can we prepare and manage expectations accordingly for our covid wedding 2021 style?

Winter is coming… (or for those of us in Ohio... overcast skies)

Gather data, with winter approaching pay attention to how the pandemic and your local government reacts. Are there any new limits on mass gatherings? Compare these numbers with the numbers from 2020. This should provide a rough estimate for your guest count if all variables remain the same for 2021.

Stay in close contact with your venue. They will be able to tell you of any new restriction and help with reception planning.

Note: book your venue early. Twice the amount of couples are booking in 2021, same for your Photographer, Videographer, and DJ service.

Read your contracts!!!!

This should go without saying, some venues are updating their contracts to include an adenium just for covid. Don't be afraid to ask questions