DIY Centerpiece: Everything You Need To Know

It cannot be denied that brides would want to make their wedding as unique as possible. And no matter how they are going to do it, they often want to stick to a budget. In order to accommodate both, many decide to DIY wedding projects for the big day – and yes, this includes DIY centerpieces.

If you are maximizing your budget for your upcoming special day, then you should probably give this a thought. To give you a general idea, here is how the process works and some tips on how to make these wedding centerpieces.

Think outside the box

Always Meet With a Florist

Before you go all DIY, this should be the very first thing that you need to do. Meet with your local florist and see what they can do to bring your centerpieces to life. From there, you should have an idea about the cost. Sometimes, it is easy to think that something is cheaper simply because you are the one who made it. No, that is not the case all the time. Before you move forward with the entire DIY idea, make sure you understand the cost-benefit of the whole operation. You never know: You could actually save tons of money from letting a florist do the centerpiece for you. Well, it could also be vice versa.

Meet with a Florist

Do Your Research

It is so easy to be overwhelmed after looking at lots of beautiful ways your centerpiece could appear. But unless if you really have a floral arrangement experience, there will be limitations as to how far you can accomplish the project. Do not just overthink about saving ideas or pinning pictures you see online simply because they look nice and pretty. What you would rather do is think about how these individuals put something like that together.

Do Your Research

Remember to Be Flexible

If maximizing your budget is the main reason why you want a DIY wedding, be prepared to be extremely flexible. You might think that white roses would help to bring the perfect classic feel on your big day. But after doing some research, you found out that they actually do not fit your budget. This is where you need to be flexible. Sure, white roses are cool, but white carnations might just be enough to keep you well under your budget.

Be Flexible

Make It Simple

Of course, no bride in this world would deny the fact they all dream of a luxurious wedding. Perhaps you want to tie the knot in garden wedding style. Or maybe you want your significant other to say “I Do” to you while on a beach setting. There are many ideas that could help you put up an extravagant and elegant wedding. But when maximizing your budget, you need to entertain the idea of making things simple.

The word "simple" does not denote a negative meaning. And just because your wedding is going to be simple, it does not mean it will go bad. No, there is more than being a term. For instance, why go for those expensive utensils when you can go with cheaper ones – and they still look professional.