Postponing your Wedding due to Covid-19

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Covid-19 Weddings

How to Postpone your Wedding due to Covid-19

As couples globally are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the right actions, and navigating this ever-evolving scenario is proving to be challenging for many.

I will pause right now for a PSA announcement. It is ok to feel disappointed or upset. It is important to acknowledge your feelings and understand that they are valid. Grieving and voicing your feelings to your partner or a close friend can help you start to cope. Even if it is not the day you had planned, the date will always hold significance. Find a small, but meaningful way to celebrate. Plan a fancy date night or enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and a movie. Let’s continue, here are a few tips to make postponing a little easier.

Review your wedding contracts.

Dust off all those contracts and see what they say about postponing, moving, or cancelling your wedding. I know it wasn’t fun reading them the first time nor will they be fun reading them the second time, but they do house important information regarding these scenarios.

review your wedding contracts
Wedding Contracts

Communicate with your venue

I cannot stress this enough. The more communication the better, as this will help you and your guest plan accordingly. Some questions to ask

  1. What are the new rules the venue is implementing?

  2. How does this affect dinner options? — Most likely if you had originally selected a buffet style it will change to service style. Please note that this may increase the cost of service.

Reschedule your alterations

If you’re like me and gained a few pounds while in quarantine; look on the bright side you now have a little more time to hit your goals. 😊

Postpone your wedding alterations #covid19
Wedding Alterations

Communicate with your guests

Communicate with your guests either through your wedding website, by mail, or the good old-fashioned phone call. You may also want to consider creating a list of FAQs if you think your guests will have similar questions around travel refunds, your new date, etc.

Revisit your wedding budget!

As you may lose some vendors due to scheduling conflicts revisit your budget. Weddings budgets can easily get out of hand during "normal" non pandemic times. You will have to be extra vigilant with your spending. What are some things that you can drop/change? Pro tip, if your wedding was originally supposed to take place in the Spring consider changing your flowers to what is in season. You may not want to have the shipped in thus driving the price higher.

I'm pulling for you, we're all in this together!