Tidying up in 2019

So I having been watching the new Netflix show Tidying up with Marie Kondo and let me say it has changed the way I fold my laundry. Last August I raided my closet trying to downsize and managed to donate three bags of clothes. I felt good about the new space but soon realized that a still had a bulk of clothes in the laundry room. Laundry not being may favorite thing in the world tends to pile, in my mind it helps me to sort them into whites, darks, and colors into loads worth washing... but it might just be me putting of doing the laundry for a week. So this time around l made sure to gather ALL of my clothing and pile them on the bed. About 2 hours later I ending up with the bellow results. Instead of stacking the clothing on-top of each-other, like I normally do, I folding them in rectangles and stacked them side by side. It's way easier to see what I have and keep organized. As for my hanging clothes I managed whittle it down to 7 work dresses 5 sweaters and 10 tops. What I love is I will be able to spend less time searching for things to wear and less time doing laundry and folding :) which is a major win. I can't wait to continue with the Marie Kondo method to reorganize my home. Next on my list is paper. I can only imagine how long that will take me.

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