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  • Melchy Hill

7 Tips for a Successful Honeymoon Fund

Let's face it, we all have a log of stuff. We already have pots and pans, a vacumm cleaner and a blinder and if we are honest, couples mostly likely have these in duplicates. Unless you are wanting to upgrade the things couples have are already providing value to you the couple you probably will want to skip the wedding registry and opt for a honeymoon fund.

Weather your a minimalist or want just to have an epic vacation with your special someone. Here are seven tips that we use used in our wedding registry.

Honeymoon to Greece

1 Use a Honeymoon Fund Registry Website

We used Honeyfund for but there are many other great ones out there. Some things to keep in mind when shopping around are: card processing fees, and can you add/link to your main registry.

Bonus Tip: Here is a copy and past example note we used.

We are excited to start our lives together, and we are thankful for our loved ones. As we enter our marriage, we realize that we have enough belongings. Therefore, we have decided to plan the honeymoon of our dreams. Our wedding registry includes a honeymoon fund along with personalized experiences — such as excursions, meals, and spa days — that can be given as wedding gifts. We are excited to share our special day with you, and we also look forward to providing glimpses into our honeymoon when we return. Thank you!

To contribute, simply visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

2 Share you Itinerary

Most registry websites have a space for the couple to write about their story and their upcoming travels. Outline your exciting itinerary so that guests understand what they're contributing to. Your guests want to know where you're going, whether that's to Iceland, Brazil, or Japan. Be specific! After all, there’s nothing better than daydreaming about your trip. This will put people at ease as they'll know they're giving towards something very special. You can write a note including where you're going, why you chose that destination, and what you're looking forward to doing there most. Tell guests why taking your dream honeymoon means so much to you!

3 Break It Down Into Specific Items

This tip goes along with the first one. Break down your trip into specific items and experiences to make your guests' gifting experience a little more personal. Tours, snorkeling, romantic meals, zip-lining—whatever you plan to do let them get involved in making it happen for you! Wedding guests love to choose something exciting to contribute to. It's much more personal and fun to give you an experience than new dishware.

4 Provide a Traditional Registry, Too

Why? For as clear and simple as you make your honeymoon fund, some guests—especially those who aren't as technologically savvy as others—may not know how to navigate the platform or program. Others may not feel comfortable putting credit card or banking information into a website they're not familiar with for payment. And others still might simply love the tradition of giving the newlyweds a tangible gift.

5 Don't Delay the Trip

Though it's become common to take your post-nuptial trip a year or so after the wedding, Swann says that shouldn't be the case if guests are contributing to a honeymoon fund. "If you ask people for money to go on your honeymoon, you need to go on the honeymoon and not wait," she says. "Waiting a great deal of time would not be appropriate in this instance."

6 Include a Memory in Your Thank-You Card

Honeymoon registries make for unique thank-you card opportunities! Let's say your cousin gifted you a ziplining adventure—how fun would it be to include a picture of your and your honey zipping through a canopy of trees? Adding in a photo of the gift's intended use will really take your thank-you card to the next level. Including a photo is the perfect way to not only show the impact of their gift but to give them a glimpse into your once-in-a-lifetime trip, as well! As with all thank-you cards, make sure you send them out within three months of receiving the honeymoon funds.

7 Set out a Box for Cards at the Reception

Not everyone is tech-savvy and will use your cash registry. Grandparents will most likely bring a check or cash to the reception. Make sure to think about the design of your card box (ahead of time!) that will match your chosen color palette. I love to take a photo of the card and gift table. Bonus tip, don’t forget — checks should be made out to both of you using “or” instead of “and.” This will help you with easy deposits for smooth sailing to your honeymoon.


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